Nexus Features

Nexus Launch crowdfunding ecosystem doesn't need our users to stake any tokens as we don't see "stake to get allocation" as a sustainable mechanism, thus giving allocations to our investors with full flexibility.

To be fair with everyone, nexus Launch will always work as a tierless launchpad. Inorder to have equality among all of our investors we are doing away with the tier system. Fair allocation for everyone is the way and we are achieving it through FCFS, the way here at nexus launch.

No fee/tax of any sort will be collected by our platform from the community to invest in the project they wish to get in. Users can take part in the project of their choice without considering any hidden charges.

Adequate vetting of projects is a prime factor to ensure safety of investments. We always prioritise projects through our protection policy, invaribly giving top tier protection to our investors, thus securing our investor funds.

We priorities the satisfaction of our community with a community first approach and we believe having a happy and satisfied community built around us is true success. Our team is super active and available 24×7 for our community. Reach out to us through our social media. For instant support ping us in telegram.

Our Services


We at Nexus launch act as a gateway for projects to find potential investors to raise their funds. With an active community of investors, we ensure a proper and rapid raise to help projects meet their fund requirements.


Even for top tier projects, adequate marketing is invariably important for the launch to be successful and profitable. We at Nexus launch bridge the gap between startups and investors through intelligent and cutting edge marketing practices ensuring well informed and eager investors.


We are equipped with an extensive network of 200+ Kols with humungous subscribes count who will help build extensive reach among crypto masses for projects launching through us.


Analysis and advice on your startup for the most optimized solutions based on your growth trajectory, helping you with battle-tested solutions with the most effective and economical results for the project.

About Us

Nexus launch is a decentralised, multi chain, EVM compatible launchpad bridging investors and web3 projects through our fundraising ecosystem, devoted to helping community and partners navigate the ever-changing and dynamic world of web 3. We excel in creating an innovative end to end product or augment the project team with the right experts, create gound- breaking solutions for unique business necessities and maximize utility while maintaining a balance between profitability and security for both the investors and projects. Ultimately, we develop substantial and unshakeable associations to help projects and investors attain lucrative gains in the long run.